A Second Anonymous Phone… same message… urgency!

Tonight at about 6 pm, I received another anonymous phone call, from the same guy, but different number, and seemed to be calling from a road side pay phone a I could hear traffic in the background. “Ah, do you remember me, I called you last night about something?”. Of course, how could forget? MessageContinue reading “A Second Anonymous Phone… same message… urgency!”

Plantiff’s Evidence Against Defendent A Bit of a Sham???

A few weeks ago, Lawyer Li was told by the district court that he would be able to not only to view the video tape evidence against Wu, but make a copy to take out of the court room with him. Alas, not only did several of the files not open, but the one thatContinue reading “Plantiff’s Evidence Against Defendent A Bit of a Sham???”

URGENT ACTION – for Wu Yuren Amnesty International

UURGENT ACTION CHINESE ARTIST BEATEN BY POLICE The trial of Chinese artist Wu Yuren, who was beaten by police officers while in detention, is expected to take place in late October. He has been held since 31 May, and the authorities have refused him medical attention. His family and lawyer were told he is facingContinue reading “URGENT ACTION – for Wu Yuren Amnesty International”

Case has now moved to the prosecution stage for Wu

Yesterday Hannah and I went to the Chaoyang Detention center to see about applying for a family visit to see Dawu inside. We were told that because the case has officially moved to the prosecution stage, that a family visit is out of the question. I asked to see the Chinese Law that actually statesContinue reading “Case has now moved to the prosecution stage for Wu”