What is the Magnitsky Act and why is it relevant now?

The present tensions, albeit escalating tensions on a daily basis, between China and the United States, calls for us to be familiar with the Magnitsky Act, as it might end up coming into effect sooner than later. I found this explanation on Wikipedia, so instead of re writing it, take a look here: “The Magnitsky Act,Continue reading “What is the Magnitsky Act and why is it relevant now?”

CBC’s Homestretch Interview …

I just received word from the producer of CBC’s HOMESTRETCH afternoon program that I will be chatting with Doug Dirks on Friday July 24th 2020 around 3:30 pm or so about my book, TAKING ON CHINA: How I Freed My Husband from Jail – A Memoir by Karen Patterson. You can tune in on https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio?radio_one=calgary&cbc_music=edmontonContinue reading “CBC’s Homestretch Interview …”

MAOISM: A Global History by Julia Lovell (2019)

Not a short read, by any stretch, but what I feel to be an important read … very thorough on the history of Maoism outside of China’s borders, debunking the myth/impression that China keeps to herself – India, Indonesia, Cambodia, countries across Africa, Nepal, Europe and Peru – among others – have been influenced byContinue reading “MAOISM: A Global History by Julia Lovell (2019)”

Front page of the National Post: June 25th 2020 …

In late June 2020, I received an email from a journalist with The National Post who was interested in interviewing me for a front page story he was running on China, Canada and the 2 detained Michaels in Beijing. He wanted my opinion and my book to feature in the article. Naturally, I agreed toContinue reading “Front page of the National Post: June 25th 2020 …”

Betwixt and Between: there are more options to breaking the dead lock

My thoughts on this whole situation this morning are as follows. Perhaps Canada can find another ‘Achilles tendon’ of China and go after that WITHOUT having to release Meng Wanzhou … releasing Meng now is not a smart move for a myriad of reasons, one of which is because our next door neighbor to theContinue reading “Betwixt and Between: there are more options to breaking the dead lock”