I SEE YOU SEE ME – How I feel these days – by Karen Patterson

Before Not long ago We saw each other Laughing, chatting, bragging, connecting A sense of normalcy   Then You heard the news, read the story, felt the vine Her life, a wreck Like an upside-down cake You are sorry for her, almost embarrassed   Now We meet, perhaps on the street I see you seeContinue reading “I SEE YOU SEE ME – How I feel these days – by Karen Patterson”

The Third Anonymous Phone call …

Today as I was driving to meet my friend at the Bookworm, a cool coffee and book store cafe, and I received the third call from this anonymous caller who has been calling me every evening since Wednesday. He was calling from yet another number, and was polite, asking why has the lawyer not yetContinue reading “The Third Anonymous Phone call …”

Attempt at Extending My Visa – Part One

Beijing married to a mainland Chinese citizen and living in China means that for the past 7 years or so I have had a relatively easy method of renewing my Visa (that the Chinese gov should give spouses something like a green card or perm res certificate is another matter, but…), and so it isContinue reading “Attempt at Extending My Visa – Part One”

Feelings I have about all of this …

Anger, frustration, resentment, sympathy, pity, embarassment, disappointment, sorrow, sadness … pretty much that is what I am feeling on a daily basis, or a combination of any and all of the above. Another thing, I am strong and constantly told this by people around me … but what would it be like to actually NOTContinue reading “Feelings I have about all of this …”

August 4, 2010 – quiet reflection in my studio

Ah, this situation is one which I truly wish would go away, but with a positive outcome of course! I am tired and exhausted ‘working’ at this every day … have been pretty much for the past 2 months. What to do, you ask? Well, it is a full time ‘job’, everyday I wake upContinue reading “August 4, 2010 – quiet reflection in my studio”