A Year On After WU Yuren’s Illegal Detention – where is the case now?

Sneaking up on me like a snake in the grass, International Children’s Day is today and is a day of great celebration for our little friends all over China, if not the world. However, for our family, the memories resonate with the ‘anniversary’ of Wu’s illegal and unjustified detention, well, official detention. In fact, heContinue reading “A Year On After WU Yuren’s Illegal Detention – where is the case now?”

Wu Yuren tells daughter bed time stories …

Wu Yuren and his 6 yr old daughter tonight before bed discussing why some good people can be mistakenly detained by authorities. She is trying SO HARD to understand how and why her baba disappeared from her life for close to a year … priceless to over hear this.

Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?

Took Wu Yuren today for a massage and guasha (traditional Chinese medicine, using oil on back and scrapping with a flat bone tool thing) session and he broke out like some one had slapped red paint all over his shoulders and back! Easy to see how this result could happen, given his beating almost aContinue reading “Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?”

Wu Yuren’s Incarceration Update

Still no word on Wu’s pending verdict and sentence, it has been almost two months since the completion of his trial (the trial had two parts, one on November 17th 2010 and on January 28th 2011). Thank you to all for your support and patience. Wu Yuren’s daughter, Hannah, is getting impatient these days moreContinue reading “Wu Yuren’s Incarceration Update”

Time out R&R – KP and HW head to Thailand in February

Close to the eve of Wu Yuren having been in detention for close to 8 months, I decided that a travel break outside of China was in the cards … it has been a tough crawl for both of us, especially that the law does not allow family visits to detainees until after the sentencing.Continue reading “Time out R&R – KP and HW head to Thailand in February”

‘Tommy Hilfiger’ Wool Vest for Wu Yuren-rejected by staff at center!

December 16, 2010 Tuesday when the lawyer, Li Fangping, went in to see Dawu, we learned that he is in need of a some winter clothes. So, despite the fact that he was fitted out in thick padded cotton clothes for winter on the day of his trial, apparently that was a bit of aContinue reading “‘Tommy Hilfiger’ Wool Vest for Wu Yuren-rejected by staff at center!”

“Holiday Postcard Campaign” for Wu Yuren – call for action!

Many people have been asking me how they can help WU Yuren while he is in detention waiting the re-opening of his trial, which was adjourned on November 17th, 2010 in Beijing due to flawed/tampered evidence submitted by the Police Station. Well, yesterday I spoke with his lawyer, and he suggested a “Holiday Postcard Campaign”,Continue reading ““Holiday Postcard Campaign” for Wu Yuren – call for action!”

Yes, I do lose my cool, as per today … yikes!

You ask me, “How do you not lose ur cool?”. Well, today I did. At the Jiangtai Police Station, dealing with f&*ktard staff, I lost it: out of total frustration, I asked them if they knew about LIU XB. Blank stares, who? Suggested that they study his writings…it is that flippant, arogant, chippy attitude theyContinue reading “Yes, I do lose my cool, as per today … yikes!”

Obtaining My New Chinese Visa – process – Part II

Dec 6th On the advice of Li Fangping, Wu’s trusted lawyer, I drafted a letter (see below) to the Pubic Security Bureau in Beijing, explaining why I needed to have them agree and assist to me extending Wu’s permit. The first attempt at this was not very successful, as per an earlier post. So, IContinue reading “Obtaining My New Chinese Visa – process – Part II”