Please remember WEN Tao, who also disappeared Sunday April 3rd

Wen Tao, very good friend and fearless assistant of Ai Weiwei, also disappeared on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 from the Caochangdi area of Beijing. The same morning, Ai Weiwei was taken by authorities at the airport when he was trying to board a flight to Hong Kong. Wen Tao was also extremely helpful to meContinue reading “Please remember WEN Tao, who also disappeared Sunday April 3rd”

Wu Yuren tells daughter bed time stories …

Wu Yuren and his 6 yr old daughter tonight before bed discussing why some good people can be mistakenly detained by authorities. She is trying SO HARD to understand how and why her baba disappeared from her life for close to a year … priceless to over hear this.

Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?

Took Wu Yuren today for a massage and guasha (traditional Chinese medicine, using oil on back and scrapping with a flat bone tool thing) session and he broke out like some one had slapped red paint all over his shoulders and back! Easy to see how this result could happen, given his beating almost aContinue reading “Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?”

Beijing: One released, another detained … Important read.

Beijing: One dissident released, another detained Artist Ai Weiwei arrives to the Wenyuhe court to support fellow artist Wu Yuren during his trial in Beijing, November 2010 (photo/AP) There’s mixed news coming out of Beijing. Amidst an atmosphere of crackdown — as foreign journalists face greater restrictions on their activities — the artist Ai WeiContinue reading “Beijing: One released, another detained … Important read.”

Breaking News: Wu Yuren released on Parole, Still Pending Sentence

In light of the recent movements and decisions by Chinese authorities, this also comes as a bit of shock: Wu Yuren was released into family custody on Sunday April 3rd, 5pm in Huairou District of greater Beijing. He stayed with family in a local peasant hostel and returned to Beijing earlier today. Wu is outContinue reading “Breaking News: Wu Yuren released on Parole, Still Pending Sentence”

An Article to explain the recent crackdown lunacy by Chinese Government …

Wary of Unrest, China Cracks Down on Dissent The Chinese government has recently initiated a new round of suppression. China Digital Times has covered the Chinese government’s harsh crackdowns extensively. But what accounts for this sudden period of intense suppression? Some say that this is indicative of behind-the-scenes factional infighting between reformers and hardliners inContinue reading “An Article to explain the recent crackdown lunacy by Chinese Government …”

China Takes Dissident Artist Into Custody

China Takes Dissident Artist Into Custody Shiho Fukada for The New York Times Ai Weiwei in his Beijing studio on March 7. By ANDREW JACOBS Published: April 3, 2011 BEIJING — The Chinese authorities on Sunday detained Ai Weiwei, a high-profile artist and stubborn government critic, as he tried to board a plane for HongContinue reading “China Takes Dissident Artist Into Custody”

Crackdown in China spreads terror among dissidents

Crackdown in China spreads terror among dissidents More than 20 people have been detained and others are missing after anonymous calls for ‘jasmine revoluti Tania Branigan in Beijing, Thursday 31 March 2011 13.57 BST Article history Lawyer Jiang Tianyong pictured in 2009. His wife says police told her they do not know where heContinue reading “Crackdown in China spreads terror among dissidents”

The Dissident’s Wife – more example of the systematic nature of human right’s abuses in China

March 27, 2011 The Dissident’s Wife By GENG HE San Francisco WITH the world’s attention on the uprisings in the Middle East, repressive regimes elsewhere are taking the opportunity to tighten their grip on power. In China, human rights activists have been disappearing since a call went out last month for a Tunisian-style “Jasmine Revolution.”Continue reading “The Dissident’s Wife – more example of the systematic nature of human right’s abuses in China”