MAOISM: A Global History by Julia Lovell (2019)

Not a short read, by any stretch, but what I feel to be an important read … very thorough on the history of Maoism outside of China’s borders, debunking the myth/impression that China keeps to herself – India, Indonesia, Cambodia, countries across Africa, Nepal, Europe and Peru – among others – have been influenced by Mao’s thoughts, and the support from the Chinese Government (although they deny it now). Anyway, a very good read. I learned, too, that Xi Jinping will be in power for ‘life’, similar to how Mao Zedong envisioned himself 50 years ago. Interesting to see how Maoism is touted in Beijing today under Xi’s rule. A good read. (Maoism: A Global History, by Julia Lovell, 2019).

I read this book / tome in 3 weeks, as I was curious about what the situation of Maoism was like outside of China, esp since the 1950s or so. Fascinating, and that Maoism was very much a live and taking root all over the world, while it was taking place in mainland China. Sure, some areas of the globe entertained Maoism as a trend, but there were definitely some pockets (esp south America and other parts of Asia) that bought the Koolaid, to their detriment. Furthermore, it answers the question of what Xi Jinping is up to and why he seems to have taken us (the world, China, et al) back two steps. I feel that Lovell was well informed and well researched for this book.

A must read.

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