Betwixt and Between: there are more options to breaking the dead lock

My thoughts on this whole situation this morning are as follows. Perhaps Canada can find another ‘Achilles tendon’ of China and go after that WITHOUT having to release Meng Wanzhou … releasing Meng now is not a smart move for a myriad of reasons, one of which is because our next door neighbor to the south is going to throw a massive tantrum and we can’t afford politically, economically or socially to have two world powers/economies bitchy with us. Or, we wait until November when hopefully a new leader of the US has been elected and will be more politically astute and savvy than Trump (really, it won’t be hard). Otherwise, we would be further exposing ourselves to the whims of Trump (and we can’t forget that he called on us in the first place to make such a move back in late Nov/December 1st 2018). But back to the point about Canada finding more painful tendons of the Chinese regime that can be carried out in order to release the 2 Michaels (ie. so much pain from xyz that they do cave and release them) or as retribution measures once the 2 Michaels are back home. There are several ways, especially in relation to Taiwan (always a sore spot for Beijing) and Hong Kong (a more recent sore spot). There is also talk of revoking visas for students and those who are members of the UNITED FRONT, which is a communist propaganda wing of the CCP (in which many students and politicians, business folks, scientists, etc. are members of). Furthermore, we should not shy from getting our own ‘united front’ by enlisting/requesting/inviting other democracies globally to work with us in holding China accountable, she can’t get away with this stunt regardless of how and when the 2 Michaels come home. I don’t believe releasing Meng is a good move as it will definitely send China (and other countries?) the wrong, very wrong, message. Let us hope and pray that the health of the Michaels remains good until November and/or beyond …. My worry is that their health will deteriorate and China won’t be ‘smart’ enough to release them on to medical parole in time. Liu Xiaobo, winner of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize from his jail cell in NE China, is a great example (ca. 2008-2017, google his story). Stay tuned.

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