Please remember WEN Tao, who also disappeared Sunday April 3rd

Wen Tao, very good friend and fearless assistant of Ai Weiwei, also disappeared on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 from the Caochangdi area of Beijing. The same morning, Ai Weiwei was taken by authorities at the airport when he was trying to board a flight to Hong Kong. Wen Tao was also extremely helpful to me during the past 10 months as a member of the PR/Communications team for Wu Yuren. He accompanied me everywhere and attended most meetings at my side, offering advice and most importantly, Chinese/English interpretation and translation. I was very sad to hear that he had also been taken away. So far, no news as to where he is or for why.

Wen Tao, Sichuan native, is 38 years old, and studied journalism before working for Sports Illustrated and then with Global Times, an English language voice piece of the CCP, China. He was ‘asked to leave’ Global Times after covering the 008 and Zhengyang protest which ended up marching on Chang’an Avenue in Beijing, on February 22, 2010. Wen Tao lived and worked for a time in Canada.

Will try to keep you posted as to his whereabouts as we learn it ourselves.

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