Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?

Took Wu Yuren today for a massage and guasha (traditional Chinese medicine, using oil on back and scrapping with a flat bone tool thing) session and he broke out like some one had slapped red paint all over his shoulders and back! Easy to see how this result could happen, given his beating almost a year ago and after sitting on a wooden bench for 6 hours per day for 10 months, restricted sunlight and no exercise/physical activity. I thought he had died and gone to heaven … Wu is enjoying his time out, helping his daughter with her homework, reading stories to her at bed time, drinking tea for the first time in ten months, and many other ‘firsts’.

Wu Yuren handed in his passport, as per parole regulations, and is still under strict supervision of the court (phone checks on a regular basis). He is still unavailable for comment, interview or phone calls.

Thank you for your support over the past many months.


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