Wu Yuren tells daughter bed time stories …

Wu Yuren and his 6 yr old daughter tonight before bed discussing why some good people can be mistakenly detained by authorities. She is trying SO HARD to understand how and why her baba disappeared from her life for close to a year … priceless to over hear this.

Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?

Took Wu Yuren today for a massage and guasha (traditional Chinese medicine, using oil on back and scrapping with a flat bone tool thing) session and he broke out like some one had slapped red paint all over his shoulders and back! Easy to see how this result could happen, given his beating almost aContinue reading “Wu Yuren and a ‘guasha’ treatment – painted red!?”

Beijing: One released, another detained … Important read.

Beijing: One dissident released, another detained Artist Ai Weiwei arrives to the Wenyuhe court to support fellow artist Wu Yuren during his trial in Beijing, November 2010 (photo/AP) There’s mixed news coming out of Beijing. Amidst an atmosphere of crackdown — as foreign journalists face greater restrictions on their activities — the artist Ai WeiContinue reading “Beijing: One released, another detained … Important read.”