Lawyer Visit Debrief, February 28th, 2011 – update!

As you know, the second part of the trial for Wu Yuren was on January 28th, 2011 at the Wenyuhe Courthouse, and it only took about one hour to ‘wrap up’ the entire court process (you can see the previous note written on the 28th of January). We were sort of hoping for some news since then, but to no avail, despite Hannah and I taking a long awaited break in Thailand for 3.3 weeks. No news.

Where are we now? Lawyer Lin went in to see Wu this last Monday, exactly a month after the second court date. He was tipped by me who had received another ‘anonymous’ call from a mystery man who asked that lawyer go in to see Dawu asap.

Yesterday I met with Lin and this is what was discussed:

1. Dawu’s studio assistant is to drop off 1000RMB again before mid next week as he is out of money inside the detention center;

2. Dawu has confirmed that he wants to pass on his studio space to someone else, so I am presently trying to find a new renter for his studio (fyi: 100 sq meters, two story, renovated, inside 798, approx 3000RMB/month, available immediately);

3. Both Dawu and the lawyer guesstimate that the sentencing will come after the ‘big’ government meetings this early March, will end on the 15th of March. One is the National People’s Congress/NPC, and the other is the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference/CPPCC national meeting. Apparently, two sides of decision makers somewhat ‘disagree’ about how to finish this case up with a verdict and sentence;

4. Dawu already knew about the Jasmine Movement, before the lawyer told him. I guess they get their ‘news’ inside the walls from the guards, etc.

So, again, we are waiting for something to happen, just after 9 months since Wu was initially detained, he still has no verdict, nor sentence. On the bright side, if they only give him 12 months, then he only has 3 months …

Stay tuned.

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