Re-visiting the 008 International Artist Community – what once were art studios.

The other day, while running an errand, I decided to drive by the place which was once the 008 International Artist Community, sections A, B, and C (Wu Yuren used to live in section C, which is now abandoned, but still sort of standing. The other two sections are completely demolished and all debris removed, see photos below). I wanted to see what was left from the wrecking ball and to see what of the local community (non artist) was standing, if anything.

I discovered that the government pretty much demolished and completely removed all debris, bricks, windows, trees, and such from the sites. On my way to the 008 community, I had to pass by the Zhengyang Art Community, which is where the beating of the artists (including Wu and others) during the early hours of February 22nd 2010. It has also been mostly demolished, with some abandoned structures still standing. However, all buildings beside and across the road have been removed. The road, which used to be a winding single lane-cum-double lane, has been widened and paved over, and divided into an almost ‘highway’ through the area. It is almost as if the developers who will be re-developing the area now have a nice road to drive along and pick out their potential building site locations!

Otherwise, still waiting for the court to decide when the trial will resume…Basically, Wu Yuren is in jail illegally as the Police/Court/Government has not been able to produce a shred of genuine evidence against Wu, to legally convict him of “Obstructing Public Service with Violence”. Meanwhile, Hannah writes and draws little notes and pictures for her ‘baba’ almost daily, put a way in a folder for his release.

Stay tuned. However, Hannah and I are off to Thailand and HK Disneyland for 3 weeks from January 28th to February 20th, and so will be off line for most of it.

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One thought on “Re-visiting the 008 International Artist Community – what once were art studios.

  1. Hi,
    I’m Helen Lu, a Chinese Canadian. For the past three years, I was in Beijing. I discovered that It’s very ordinary for polices in China to torture anyone they want without any punishment load to them. Moreover, doctors, lawyers(not include human right lawyer), judges and other government officers are working together just like gang group, do whatever they want. They are rubbing honest people, kicked them out of their homes, killing people even in hospitals, which is much easier and hard to be found.
    I understood the word “regime” mean since then. I had been brain washed because I was educated in China. Now, I feel very appreciated that I am a Canadian Citizen and I could escape the hidden horrific place and my children could enjoy the fresh air and non-poisoned food in Canada. I wish those who have the silly Chinese fever and want to send their kids to study in China should consider it very carefully.Is it worth to take the risk?


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