Debrief from Li Fangping’s January 10th visit to Wu Yuren

Chaoyang District Detention Center, 11:30 am


Today Lawyer Li Fangping went in to see Wu Yuren at the detention center, not specifically for anything, but to see how he was as he hadn’t visited him in close to a month. Li Fangping asked me to produce a small photo of Hannah so that the could show Dawu through the glass partition. So, I gave him a wee, postage size photo of Hannah in her football gear and wearing a medal around her neck, from an autumn football tournament. Alas, the guards and authorities would not let him take it in, despite it would just be held up and to the glass that separates the lawyer from the inmate. Whatever.


The visit was brief, but came away with some newsy items:


1. Dawu has not received any of the holiday greeting cards, unfortunately, that so many folks and friends around the globe had sent in over the past few weeks. Not sure where they are, nothing forth coming;


2. Since early January, Dawu has been complaining of intense headaches, so much that it makes it hard for him to concentrate and difficult to get up in the morning. He has asked for a CT, but so far, to no avail, but was once given some basic pain killers. Still, the pain persists. Upon regrouping with me and several of our supporters (Li Yangcai and Guo Ke, the camera man), we proceeded to write a letter to the authorities at the detention center asking for a doctor visit and a CT done on Dawu’s head. This could be an effect from the beating, which resulted in head injuries, he received while in custody of the police station on the evening of May 31st, 2010. However, we aren’t sure, hence the request for a doc and CT.


Otherwise, same old as usual. This time I decided to take some photos of the interior of the detention center where family members come to meet with lawyers, inquire about those inside, and submit clothing and money to the inmates. I was quickly told to stop making photos on my iphone.


Stay tuned, although we still have no idea when the trial will continue …

Family members inquire at desk where lawyers can register to see inmates.

Family members line up to get inmate's room number before submitting cash to loved one inside.

Garbage bin where all unnecessary attachments on clothes are put, including zips, buttons, snaps, and draw strings, wrappers, bags, etc.
Letter written by Li Fangping to center's authorities requesting CT and med visit for Wu.

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