Happy New Year 2011 and a Big Thanks!

Even though Wu Yuren is still in detention, and there is no word yet on the continuation date of his trial, I would like to express a big thanks to all those globally how have sent in holiday greeting cards. Li Fangping still plans to go in to see Wu again shortly after the new year, and so will be able to confirm the numbers and to see if Wu has actually received them personally. However, if he hasn’t, not all is lost, as the point was to also show the authorities that the global community have not forgotten about Wu Yuren, and that we are all thinking of him from our hearts.

Happy New to everyone for 2011, maybe it be a happier place for everyone!

Stay tuned for more reports. Hopefully Dawu’s trial and sentencing will be completed by Chinese New Year, which is the very beginning of February, 2011.

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