Still No Word on the Trial Re-opening date

December 21, 2010

Still no word from Li Fangping and the court as to when the re-opening of the trial will take place. Hoping before Christmas, but not looking hopeful, as they are supposed to give us 3 working days notice. But, anything could come in at the last moment. Otherwise, let’s hope for next week. No other news to report, just that the ‘Holiday Post Card Campaign’ is underway, thank you to all those who have sent, are sending and plan to send. The purpose is NOT to have Dawu read them, as that most likely won’t happen, but to show the authorities that he is well remembered, from within China and outside these borders.

Today I dropped off some more clothes for Dawu. Last week Li Fangping had said that Wu had requested a cotton Chinese coat thing with the traditional butterfly button hooks. So, instead of going out and buying new ones, I knew they were with is belongings (outside his studio at 798 Art District, as that was closed shortly after he was detained. The managment effectively kicked him out). So, off I went and collected a cotton hoodie (no zips or buttons), two of his favorite jackets, an old turtle neck, and an old pair of long johns.

Arrived at the detention center, where they only accepted an old turtle neck and a baggy pair of long johns, everything unacceptable, “He doesn’t need outer wear, as they supply that, but only the inner clothes”. Ok, so back into the car and back to his storage area.

Li Fangping will most likely go into see Dawu again next week, regardless of whether the trial re-opens or not. Look forward to hearing him ask LFP why his traditional jackets have not shown up! What can I say, I tried.


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