Obtaining My New Chinese Visa – process – Part II

Dec 6th

On the advice of Li Fangping, Wu’s trusted lawyer, I drafted a letter (see below) to the Pubic Security Bureau in Beijing, explaining why I needed to have them agree and assist to me extending Wu’s permit. The first attempt at this was not very successful, as per an earlier post.

So, I sent the draft to Wen Tao who quickly translated it into Chinese, then I took both letters and posted them to the PSB office, Beijing. LFP had also given me the contact person, which was required on the EMS slip. No problem.

Dec 8th

Yesterday at about 11:30 am I received a phone call from a Mr. LI from the PSB office telling me that he we will personally ask the officers in police station near my home to assist me, no problem. He called that station and talked to an officer by the name of Mr. Tang, and then called me back to confirm. All I had to do was show up. Sounded easy.

Dec 9th

Today I made a first attempt to visit the police station and meet with Mr. Tang at 1 pm. Unfortunately, everyone was a sleep and the doors (glass) were locked. No signage, just heads down and sleeping. I was a bit annoyed so rapped on the door and several of the staff lifted their heads, looked over at me, and then resumed sleeping. So, I kicked the door, in which one of the sleeping staff got up and came over to the door. I told her I was here to arrange my husband’s permit, but she said that everyone was resting and that  I should come back at 2 pm. She said that those who arrange permits are not on site. Very frustrated, I asked her were the signage was. She pulled from behind the wall a sign which should have clearly been placed in front of the door. Annoyed still, I walked away.

I then went back at 2:15 and went to the office where the staff had been all sleeping, which is the main reception counter area. The recognized me, and asked what I was my business. I said I was looking for a Mr. Tang, as I had received a call from a Mr Li from the highest PSB to assist me. They had blank looks and said that I would have to go next door, as they weren’t sure about a Mr. Tang.

So, I went next door and the two men at the desk were even worse – they said that there was no Mr. Tang, and chuckled that I would be asking for a Mr. Tang. Perhaps I should go back to the office I had just been in. I was frustrated and getting a bit angry, as I was positive that Mr. LI had told me to find a Mr. Tang at this police station.

They then said that there was a Miss Tang, but seeing I had asked for a Mr. Tang, then it couldn’t possibly be the same person. So, I could leave now, was their meaning. They then asked again what my business was and I told them about extending my husband’s permit. They asked why he can’t come on his own, and so I told him that he is in a Criminal Detention Center. The officer asked for the docs and I gave them and so he checked on his computer using Wu’s Chinese ID card number. “Oh, your husband was detained, but not by us”. No, that is right, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with this station as this station is for extending permits, not (beating then) detaining people. I was getting annoyed.

I then went back to the counter where the women were and asked about a person named Tang. They said that they didn’t know about a Tang, and sort of mocked me that I didn’t know if I was asking for a male or female. I then asked them to use their brains and help me, as I am a foreigner and perhaps I misunderstood on the phone male or female? They were just flippant and requested I go over to the other counter where the two guys were and I had just been. I told them that the guys don’t know about a Mr. Tang, and so I asked if she could go with me to help explain. She agreed and met me on the other side. I had to go outside and around, she cut through the office.

On the other side, I had time to look at the photos of some of the cops which are mounted on the back wall, and I got as far as finding a Miss Tang Jie, before they called me to the counter.

Again, they were not cooperative about finding out who a Mr or Miss Tang was.  I wanted to reach over the counter and strangle one or both of them. He (#030749) told me to go back to the area where the women are and that he would meet me over there. So, I got there and he asked me to wait while he found Miss Tang. So, i was thinking that I had misunderstood and heard Mr. when in fact it was a Miss. Whatever. I asked to confirm if there were one or two people in the station with the  surname TANG: they said one person. Ok, I would wait for Miss Tang.

About 20 minutes later, Miss Tang (#030872) came out to tell me that she could help, but that not until December 20th. I asked if she has actually received the phone call from Li and at first she said yes. So, I thought I was talking to the right person. Later on, when I asked if she could speed up the process, she said, “Oh, you will have to talk to Mr. Tang”. WTF? I thought you clowns had just told me that 1) there was no Mr. Tang, and that 2) there was only one person in the station with the surname Tang. URGH! I almost lost it and demanded to speak to the “person named TANG who had ACTUALLY received Mr. Li’s phone call”. They told me to wait as he was in a meeting. I then confirmed that she was in fact a Tang, and so was this other man. Made me angry. Wasted my time.

Mr. Tang (#032631) emerged from the back room and was looking gloomy. I confirmed with him that he has in fact received Mr. Li’s call and he said yes. So, I guess Miss Tang had lied, I am not surprised. He said that he could help but not until the 20th of December, as it is too early to arrange these documents, as they both (residence permit for Wu and my visa) at the end of December. I asked how long it would take to arrange the permit and he said about one day, then I could go to the PSB and arrange my visa.

I thanked Mr. Tang for his time and left. On days like this I wish I were something other than a human, perhaps a dressage horse living in a beautiful stable, ridden by a competent and caring rider. I can see how frustrated Dawu and Yang Licai must have been during their detention experience at the Jiuxianqiao Police Station from May 31st to June st, 24 hour period. Chinese cops in a police station would be the last people that i would want to spend 24 hours with! I would rather hang out with other horses and be attended to by my caring and loving groom.

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