Detention Center visit by Li Fangping – debrief

Today Li Fangping was able to go in and visit Wu Yuren at the detention center, he spent more than 80 mins with Wu. Wen Tao, Zao Zao, Yang Licai and I were all in attendance in the lobby of the detention center while LFP went in. This is a summary of what happened:


1. Dawu was the one who requested the ‘anonymous’ caller, although we are not sure exactly who the caller was, but that Dawu did request. Hence, the use of his nickname, Ping, and other small details (ie. my phone number). And yes, Dawu was very anxious to have the lawyer come and see him.


2. Dawu confirmed to the lawyer that he did not confess to the charges and does not accept the crime charges. It was obvious that that is his stand judging by his story and answers to questions during the trial on Nov 17th, 2010.


3. Dawu requests that an earlier trial be arranged, if possible.


4. Dawu also requested the lawyer to call the judge and see about the original video tape evidence, as per the reason for the adjournment 3 weeks ago. He wants to know what is happening with the tape?


The four of us were secretly hoping that the meeting would be more about a bargain to be reached, meaning that Wu would be ‘released’ based on some sort of agreement that ew don’t go to the media or such. But, that is not to be, obviously.


LFP is still unsure of when the next trial date will resume, but knows that for ‘sensitivity¬† reasons’ that the trial will be AFTER the December 10th date of Liu Xiaobo’s supposed reception of his Nobel Peace Prize award. So, hopefully next week? We shall see.


Stay tuned.

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