Detention Center Visiting Room – Underconstruction – come back tomorrow!

As the title of this note suggests, the lawyer was unable to get in to see Dawu today as the room that is used by lawyers to visit clients has been underconstruction since December 3rd, last Friday. There was a clear note posted on the window of the office where the lawyers go to register to see their clients. Fair enough, we could not have predicted that, so we will try again tomorrow, Tuesday December 7th at 9:00 am.

However, meeting up with Li Fangping was a great opporunity to talk shop about the next trial date and discuss and muse about these mysterious ‘anonymous’ phone calls that I received last week. LFP had some comments:

1. If the caller was truly from the inside, then how did they NOT know about the renovation project going on, as there are heaps of red bricks all around the side entrance to the detention center. If the caller was asking legitimately why LFP had not shown up on Friday, which was the first day of renos, then surely he would have known that a visit was impossible? One would think. Also, an insider would also know that the renos were taking place today, too, so why didn’t he tell me to tell LFP to come on the 7th, not the 6th? Strange.

2. Unless the caller knows who LFP is, then how would they know that LFP has not come or has come to the detention center to visit WU? An outsider would not be allowed in to see or watch LFP visit his client. Also, as the caller on the second night said that the message ‘had been brought out from inside’, then if it came out with a released detainee, then the detainee would not be allowed back in to confirm whether the lawyer had visited or not. Very strange.

I guess we find out more tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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