Detention Center Visit – Monday, December 6th 9:00 am

So, perhaps you have read the postings about the freaky anonymous phone calls that I have received last Wed, Thurs, and Friday afternoons, the same caller, same message, but different number? Well, I confirmed earlier today with Li Fangping, Wu’s lawyer, that I will be meeting his assistant at the detention center at 9:00 to see what the story is.


I have, however, some guesstimates as to what is going on here:


1. Wu genuinely wants to talk to his lawyer about something, perhaps there is some tension in the center or he has was in fight, or he just plainly wants to find out what the scoop is, as it has been more than 10 days since the first court date. However, this would be a first for Dawu to figure out a way to ‘request’ that his lawyer come and see him, given that he has had plenty of other ample waiting stretches behind bars …


2. The authorities want to nab the lawyer, LI Fangping, and so have set a sort of ‘trap’ to have him come to the detention center, where they will get him or set him up, or something else ill conceived. However, this would be a very cumbersome way to go about getting him, wouldn’t it be quicker and more efficient (ie. less attention drawn to it) if they just went to his house? Me thinks.


3. Since the government / Police / Court System has lost a lot of face over this trial in that the evidence produced (good word choice here), I mean submitted, by the police was so obviously tampered with, that they are having a hard time climbing out of the hole they have dug, which gets deeper and deeper by the week. Perhaps they are requesting a lawyer to discuss a ‘deal’ of some sort. However, why didn’t they think of this a long time ago, like when they realized that Wu’s wife is Canadian and would most likely organize a media presence?


Regardless of what the reason, I am meeting with the assisant tomorrow at the Chaoyang District Criminal Detention Center for some sort of a meeting at 9:00. Let me remind you, that I will be waiting in the lobby, and the assistant will hopefully be going in, as I have still no legal right to visit Wu in detention.


Stay tuned.

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