The Third Anonymous Phone call …

Today as I was driving to meet my friend at the Bookworm, a cool coffee and book store cafe, and I received the third call from this anonymous caller who has been calling me every evening since Wednesday. He was calling from yet another number, and was polite, asking why has the lawyer not yet gone to see Dawu at the detention center. I was not sure how to respond, but told him that I did call the lawyer yesterday and tell him, but that he was busy today. I told him that the lawyer was planning to come on Monday.

I asked him to tell ‘those on the inside’ that there is no court date set yet, and that the lawyer would be coming on Monday. I tried to ask if he knew if Dawu was ok or not, or if he was just curious about the trial. Mr. Caller would not answer, citing that that was not his job, that he was just the caller.

I then asked if he thought Dawu was in any sort of trouble, and he said that he didn’t know, but knew that he was ‘urgently’ asking for the lawyer. He would provide no further details.

So, then I called Li Fangping, who seemed at first to be nonchalant about it all, but then declined himself going on Monday, that he would send his assistant lawyer, the other defense lawyer at the trial. Not sure what that was all about. But weird things are going on here, in relation to the upcoming December 10th receipt ceremony for the Nobel Peace Prize, which China is not allowing anyone from mainland China to attend. The organizers have arranged for a symbolic ’empty chair’ to be put in the place where Liu Xiaobo would be. The result here? Many artists, lawyers, economists, journalists, academics, and such have been given a travel ban until December 10th.

At this point, I am not sure if this caller is genuinely calling on behalf of Dawu inside the detention center, or if he is calling from the government and it is indeed a trap for the lawyer. Or, are they just trying to freak me out? I don’t know, I guess we will find out on Monday. I hope Dawu is physically ok, though.

Stay tuned.

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