Attempt at Extending My Visa – Part One

Beijing married to a mainland Chinese citizen and living in China means that for the past 7 years or so I have had a relatively easy method of renewing my Visa (that the Chinese gov should give spouses something like a green card or perm res certificate is another matter, but…), and so it is coming to that time of year again.


Wu is not a Beijing resident officially, as he was not born here and his Chinese residence is actually registered in southern China, a city called Changzhou. His father and sister are in an even smaller town, Jintan. But, for Chinese from the outside of Beijing can get a temporary residence permit if they can claim one or more of the following:

1. go to school in Beijing full time

2. own property

3. work for a company full time

4. open a company


Otherwise, it is possible, but not very easy and requires a little twisting of the system. There are then 3 different ‘levels’ of this kind of Chinese residency permit: A (the best), B, and C. Dawu has had a B and A over the years, so an A when we owned the house, and a B all other times (had a friend write up a work contract at a design company for the B times). Since we sold our condo, he has been back to a B.


So, today I went to the district office which is specifically for that purpose, Chinese living in Beijing to extend or apply for their ‘Temp Resident Permit/ Zhanzhuzheng’. The cop recognized me immediately, and asked, “So, has he come back yet?”, before I even opened my mouth. I played the game and said that he was in Beijing, but that he was ‘busy’, and that I was going to help him extend is permit. He chuckled and asked it again, and then said, “Nope, he needs to apply in person. “. He then asked with a smirk where he was, and so just to confirm that we were on the right story line, I asked him if he actually knows who my husband is. He chuckled and smirked, and replied, “Yes, of course I do! Who in this area doesn’t? Yes, I know him and that he is in the Criminal Detention center, but not sure of the details …”. I said that yes, he is in a detention, but that also means he is in Beijing, so why can’t he get his permit extended? He laughed, shook his head and replied, “Well, I don’t think so, as he is in a detention center, not living in one of those (pointing out the window) compounds, you know”. I then asked if there was a policy about that those in a prison or det center can’t extend their permits? He wasn’t sure, but said that HE wasn’t going to extend the permit for Wu. I then pushed again and he responded by suggesting I call a so-and-so bureau. He agreed to call on my behalf, so I left my number. He then asked copious questions about what I do and where our studio is, but I told him that we in fact have two studios, mine and his. He mumbled something about 798, and I said that he used to have a studio in 798, but since being detained, it has been shut down. He seemed to know that, but not wanting to admit to knowing, if you know what i mean.


Weird. I guess I am waiting for his call to see if I can not only extend Wu’s permit but also apply for my new visa, both, btw, expire on December 30th, 2010.


Or, another idea, just get the F&*K out of here and come back on my own sometime in January. Or not. tba.


Second court date still not confirmed. Hope that LFP can get into see Dawu today … I hate my present life!


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