Li Fangping to meet with Wu Yuren on December 6th

Last night at about 5:45 pm I received an anonymous phone call from a male caller who refused to reveal name or location. He said that I must contact Wu’s lawyer to come to the detention center. It sounded urgent, and in fact, the caller referred to Wu’s nickname, not his other more public names, Dawu or Wu Yuren, a name that only his father, sister and I use. When I pressed him to explain a bit more, he quickly said that he would call me back in a minute.

He called back and actually spoke to a Chinese Canadian friend of mine who I called over to listen in to confirm the meaning of the message, as it was a bit coded and weird. He repeated that Wu’s wife was to contact the lawyer for a visit. Again, he would not reveal his name or location.

So, I called Wu’s lawyer, LI Fangping, and he was a bit taken aback but said he would look into arranging for another visit. As it was already close to 6 pm, rushing now over to the detention center would be a waste. That was a given.

Today I received text message from Li that he will visit Dawu at the detention center on Monday, December 6th. I just hope that it wasn’t something that by arriving at the detention center on Monday won’t be too late. We will find out soon enough.

Stay tuned.

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