A Second Anonymous Phone… same message… urgency!

Tonight at about 6 pm, I received another anonymous phone call, from the same guy, but different number, and seemed to be calling from a road side pay phone a I could hear traffic in the background. “Ah, do you remember me, I called you last night about something?”. Of course, how could forget?

Message the same as last night, but insisting that the lawyer go to the detention center to visit Dawu, not on Monday. When I asked for more details, he avoided and passed the buck saying that he is just a ‘middle man’ for someone else on the inside. I guess like a communications mule?

I called Li Fangping who said that he can on Monday, as he is truly very busy tomorrow. We then discussed how this could be a bit urgent, or else why would I get two in a row and 100% anonymous? Lots of perhaps’s, but trying to not get over excited about what all this could possibly mean. Not easy. The mind likes to wander, esp given the course of events over the past several months.

Li Fangping stated that he will try hard to make a visit for tomorrow afternoon, but can’t guarantee. I will accompany him if he can get the time, as I am uber curious!

Stay tuned.

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