Still no word about the second trial date …

Still have not heard from the lawyer as to the scheduling of the second trial date for Wu Yuren. The word was on the 17th that it would be within 10 (business) days, and so that would make that deadline this coming Wednesday, December 1, 2010. However, they are also supposed to let the lawyer (us) know 3 days in advance. The last court date we were given 2 weeks + one day, exactly, which was convenient for ‘arranging’ things. But, alas, I am not sure we will be so lucky this time.

Furthermore, I am not exactly sure what form the next trial date will take exactly, as I am not sure if we are in the middle of something major, or we just need to view the complete tape, or even if there will be questioning and more cross-examining, as there was prevalent in the previous trial session.

Another scenario is whether or not the complete tape will never be found, a convenient way to stall the second session almost indefinitely … ah, this would be the WORST case scenario, to be sure.

One thing is for sure, I feel that I have done all that I could do for this case for Wu Yuren. Best is to wait, patiently, to see what is coming and be ready (as ready as one CAN be?) and take it in stride. Dawu was in such good form last time on Nov 17th that I have no doubts that he is also prepared for the next session.

Stay tuned.

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