Dawu’s Case Now in Prosecution Stage …

Not that we were ever really informed, but Dawu’s case is now at the prosecution stage … what does this mean, exactly? Well, not sure, but apparently the lawyer is supposed to be able to apply to view the defendant’s pieces of evidence. Ok, sounds simple enough. NOT! We are having a bit of tough time trying to get the lawyer into  see Dawu now, now that the case is in the prosecution stage … LI Fangping now has to apply through the Chaoyang District Investigation Bureau, which only receives telephone inquires on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Then, once the phone call has been registered and accepted, he can return on a Thursday or Friday to submit the official document outlining the nature of the visit. Once that has been accepted, he is then supposed to be notified by phone when the visit takes place, but please come to the office on the Thursday or Friday to collect the approved form. What trouble! I kind of liked it before during the arrest stage when it was just show up at the detention center, show your lawyer qualification, and after about 20 mins of paper work, in he went. This other ‘system’ is a nightmare …

Lawyer Li is now waiting somewhere between approval and picking up the official document which then he can take to the detention center and present to the counter staff in order for his next visit.

LI Fangping believes that Dawu’s case may have been purposely ‘fast tracked’ through to the prosecution stage from the arrest stage, as it might be too high-profile now, so let’s just get it out-of-the-way, shall we. Perhaps this also means that Dawu will be given a shorter prison sentence, say 8 or 10 months (minus, of course, the ‘time already served’), so would be another 3-5 months of actual time. Having said that, I have learned recently that if the remaining time to serve is LESS THAN 12 months, then he stays in the detention center and serves it out there. If not, if the time remaining is OVER 12 months, then he is transferred to an actual prison. What is the benefit of going to an actual prison over staying at the detention center? Several. First, he will get his own bed. Up until now, he is sharing a 20 sq m space with 25 guys. They sleep on a large platform, suitable for about 14 guys. You get the picture. Second, he will also be able to work at the prison, at least do something other than sit on a bench still without moving all day. ‘They say’ that the conditions at the prison are much better than at the detention center. So, here’s to imprisonment! No. Why? Well, he would have to serve MORE THAN 12 months…so, as you can see, it is a nifty trade-off = long time and comfort vs. short-term and crappy conditions. Let’s see what the judge says on this one. Finally, Beijing #1 Prison is THE model prison, so it would be there that we want him to serve, if he has to at the end of all this.

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