Media Press Release for WU Yuren’s Nov 17th, 2010 TRIAL

Dear Media Personnel,

Thank you for your interest in Wu’s case since the beginning. I am hoping that each and every one of the international papers / radio will be in attendance at his trial, as we have all waited so long for a final court date! Even if you personally can not make it, please try to arrange for another member of your organization to be in attendance. Much appreciated!

I attach for your convenience my application for viewing the trial, which I still have not heard back from.

New developments and why this is crucial for coverage:
Lawyer LI has been in to the courthouse to view the video of Wu supposedly beating and threatening the cop yesterday, but of the 3 files, two would not open at all, and the other file was just showing Dawu at the front gate of 798, no fighting or threatening. Furthermore, against usual policy, they refused to let LI make a copy of any of the files to take out of the court house, after telling Li in the beginning that he could do so. Li seems to think that they in fact don’t have concrete evidence to match the charge of “interfering in public service”. Moreover, Dawu has not accepted the charges laid against him, steadfast that he did not touch a cop, let a lone damage a cop’s finger. It feels more and more like a revenge beating/detainment, and making WU an example. We shall see next Wednesday at 9:30am.

The court session of Artist Wu Yuren case shall open on 9:30am November 17th, 2010 at Wenyuhe Court. If you are interested in joining the support crowd, and can get time off of work, your support would be much appreciated, but please not obligation. Please see below for more information. I will try to be there with Hannah by 9:00 am outside the courthouse. Please feel free to pass on to those who might be interested, too.

吴玉仁的开庭时间: 2010年11月17日,上午9:30 开始。 如果你有感兴趣,你可以过来参加,提供吴玉仁。我跟孩子打算9:00到法院。请你看下面的地址,等。 谢谢!

艺术家吴玉仁案开庭 - 窦卜 - 窦卜的博客
The address of Wenyuhe Court: Louxinzhuang Village, Jinzhan Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Tel: 010-85998553、010-84313271. Wu’s trial will take place in court room #16.
Bus: 306, 350, 639, 659, 983, 989 Louxinzhuang Station, 300meters east
Car:  Airport Express No.2 at Louxinzhuang exit, then drive north to Louxinzhuang Road then turn right drive towards east round 1,500 meters along the Louxinzhuang Road then 150 meters passing the traffic light then north of the road locates the court

朝阳法院温榆河法庭地址:北京市朝阳区金盏乡楼梓庄村温榆河法庭, 法庭#16。


If you are a foreigner and would like to try to register to attend, fax a copy of your passport and a letter (including your ppt #, dob, details about Wu’s trial date, location, etc) to 6515 0030. Otherwise, having crowds outside is adequate. Thank you. 

Above info from beanpoke blog at

Some info on the artist please refer to:

facebook page: wuyurenincarcerated

Wu Yuren’s detention blog:

Thank you for your attention.

Karen Patterson
1381 150 3992

“Watching the flames from the opposite side of the river is a luxury that nobody—Chinese or foreign—can afford for very long. ” -Evan Osnos

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