Karen’s application to visit Wu’s trial – paper work!

Application to Attend WU Yuren’s Trial

Dear Sirs/Madam:

I am the wife of WU Yuren (#320422197110025812 Chinese ID Card, DOB: 1971/10/02), who has been detained, arrested and awaiting trial since May 31st, 2010. I would like to apply to visit his trial, set for November 17, 2010, at 9:30am, at the Wenyuhe Courthouse (温榆河法庭). His trial is set to take place in courtroom #16.
Name: Karen Patterson
Passport Number: BA 651 296
DOB: 1968 / 4 / 27
Citizenship: Canadian

Also, I would like to request the authorization to bring with me an English/Chinese language interpreter.

Thank you for your time and kind considerations for my attendance and interpreter application.


Karen Patterson
M: 1381 150 3992
2010 / 11 / 5

申 请 书


申请人:Karen Patterson / 凯琳·派特森
护照号码: BA 651 296
出生日期: 1968 / 4 / 27
祖民: Canadian / 加拿大

手:1381 150 3992
转真号码:6515 - 0030


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2 thoughts on “Karen’s application to visit Wu’s trial – paper work!

  1. Part of the reason your application to attend the opening of trial may have run into some problems is that the Chinese version printed here is half incomprehensible. The grammar is all wrong and major concepts indicating what your intent is are missing. Do you have a better translator? As any Canadian lawyer will tell you, a well drafted pleading, brief, motion, or ANY filing can get you a long way with a court.


    1. Dear Angus, you are absolutely right, but I had a limited window of time, and my translator for the time was not available. I took a risk, and went with it. I think they would have called had it been a major factor, or just sort of figured it out, but you are right, the letter was horribly written. In fact, in the end it didn’t matter, as I was let in. Folks who had also applied with grammatically perfect letters were either denied flat out, or never even heard back. Cheers.


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