Detention Center Brief Nov 3, 2010 – debrief!!

Debrief of Lawyer Li’s visit to Dawu today at the detention center, November 3, 2010


After we learned that the court date will be in two weeks, this morning Lawyer LI and the second Lawyer went to visit Dawu inside the detention center, here is what they discovered:


1. Dawu was informed of his trial date, for November 17th, 2010 at 9:30 at the Wenyuhe Courthouse. He requested that his wife join, and all friends and artists that can make it.


I have started to inform as many people as possible, but must respect that those who are already somewhat ‘sensitive’ in the eyes of the Chinese authorities that they might not want to come.


All Chinese are welcome to join and enter the court, as it will be open, however, they should bring their Chinese ID card. Foreigners are welcome, but must first register/apply by calling this number: 8526 8076.


Call the courthouse for directions: 8599 8553.


2. Dawu told the lawyer that he is now the cell leader, which means he is the top guy in his room, and so has the highest status, for assigning cleaning jobs, etc. We are somehow not surprised as he is also probably the most educated, eloquent, and artsy dude in there. The lawyer and I had a good chuckle over that news … I also told the lawyer about Mr. Cao, who he had not heard of yet.


3. Investigation Bureau will NOT allow Lawyers to make a copy of the video tape that (supposedly) shows Dawu attacking the cop in the police station. This runs contrary to their own laws, as it is usual practice that the lawyer be able to view and make a copy, but they won’t let him in Dawu’s case.


This is a block, as is the requiring me to register with the highest court, and holding the trial so far away, and many other aspects of this entire process.


4. Dawu still has limited mobility of his arm and shoulder. But not pain. He seems to be adjusting to detention life, esp that he has been in there now for over 5 months. His wish was to see Hannah and I. He understands that he could be in for another 10 to 12 months.


5. I told Lawyer about the drawings and asked that Dawu be able to bring those out with him when he is discharged, as they might be interesting for him to keep. He said he will look into it.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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One thought on “Detention Center Brief Nov 3, 2010 – debrief!!

  1. Silly me, i forgot to mention an important part of the reason why the video was so lame: it was heavily edited, meaning there were parts missing from the beginning, and end, and it has been edited in the middle. Hence, LFP’s request to see the original tape.

    Why did LFP think there was footage missing from the beginning? The video begins in the middle of an argument or such, because the words spoken by Wu and Liu Dawei immediately after the tape begins relate to something said or done previous, that is obvious when you view the tape. Where is that footage?


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