Addional Contextual Information about Mr. CAO

It has come to my attention that many readers are considering the meeting with Mr. CAO as a possible plant or government informant. In my excitement of writing the piece, I forgot to include some important contextual information:


1. Mr. Cao could not possibly have been a plant. I do not attend the detention center regularly, and do not have a pattern. I can’t remember the last time I was there.


2. Mr. Cao showed me his signed and stamped release papers, and I saw him physically retrieve his remaining cash from the counter.


3. Mr. Cao was dressed in blue cotton long johns, black Chinese slippers, and an old sweat shirt with matching blue under shirt. As he had just come from the detention center inside cell, he had no other clothes.


Once again,  I am sorry for any misunderstanding, but I don’t believe for a moment that he could have been ‘arranged’.


I appreciate the feedback, however.

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