Meeting with PSB Sept 27th, 2010 – 7 of them, 1 of me!?

Yesterday I met with the PSB, as they had called me at 6 pm on Sunday to ‘have a chat about my husband’s situation’. Ok, to be honest, i was a bit scared, as they insisted that i come alone. Good thing the location was not in a back alley or some tea shop … i might not be here. But, we all met at the Public Security Bureau in Chaoyang District of Beijing. All of us? Yes, there were 7 police officers in uniform and wee moi. I think they may have been trying to intimidate me, but I was very calm and cool.
Basically, they were responding to the 6 letters to the city officials which I had sent in the past few months, and so on the one hand, it was great to have them acknowledge and respond to my letters (you can view the letters on the site or on the blog: However, the message¬† or response was delivered in a very official, non emotional way, and didn’t really leave much room for a discussion, or a longish Q&A. Although, of course, afterward the 7 point document was delivered and interpreted, I was asked to ask questions if I had a different opinion. But, if I really wanted to discuss, I could apply to the complaint bureau (again?) and go through that channel. Whatever. By the way, my lawyer came with me to the bureau, but was told to wait outside for me, which he did. I went in by myself, and the police station supplied an interpreter.
That was weird. In fact, this whole thing is weird. So, here is the nutshell: Dawu is being charged with ‘obstructing public security’, as per 3 distinct incidents which took place INSIDE the police station on the evening of May 31st and June 1st, 2010. According the officers, the charge is NOT related to the incidents which took place inside the 798 art district on the afternoon of May 31st. Now, whether or not the events of Feb 22nd et al are related, well, I am not sure we will ever know.
Ok, so here are the actions that resulted in Dawu being charged, of which the police state that they have strong evidence to support:
1. Dawu verbally threatened a police officer on the afternoon of May 31st, 2010 inside the Jiuxianqiao Police Station – this one is true, and has been confirmed by Dawu himself (Ping, what the fuck were you thinking?????);
2. Dawu physically beat a police officer in the evening of May 31st, 2010 inside the Jiuxianqiao Police Station – this is incorrect, according to Dawu and Lao Yang’s reports. Plus, Dawu’s arm was badly injured and there is somewhere out there an x-ray which should prove. Dawu was unable to move his arm for several months after the beating. They are catagorically denying any such beating of Dawu by any police officer at the Jiuxianqiao Police Station on May 31st, 2010;
3. Dawu rudely snatched the police officer’s video camera away from him when they were filming him beating the police officer. Hmm, this one I have my doubts, as Dawu insists he did not beat an officer, so how could they be filming him beating him. However, they could have been filming him threatening the police officer. This one needs to be confirmed still with Dawu.
This would be why Lao Yang only received 10 days in civil detention and was released on June 11th, pretty much unscathed, and why Dawu is going to court and will be convicted of the crime of “Obstructing Public Service”.Max sentence is 3 years, there is no minimum.
The illusive x-ray? Is in the detention center, and the result is ‘normal’, no problem, according to the police yesterday. Can i see it? Nope, not until the day of the trial. Hmm, nice one.
Doctor’s visit: here is something interesting. According to the police, an emergency doctor did an examination on Dawu once he was transferred to the detention center, but nothing was observed as damaged or injured, etc. Plus, Dawu did not mention to the doctor during the visit that he had been beaten. Therefore, according to their investigation, there was no beating. Hmm, strange logic. Can i see that examination report? Nope, not until the trial.
Apparently, Dawu has signed many docs which insure that he was not beaten and that he agrees with all reports coming from the police. Can i see those docs with his signature? Nope. Not at all.
Video: can i see the video that they have of Dawu supposedly beating the police officer? Nope, not until the trial.
So, boys, when is this trial? “Sorry, we don’t know, you will have to get your lawyer to ask at the investigation bureau, as we do not have the authority to tell you”. Ok. fine.
Back to waiting for the trial to come and go. Thanks for your support!

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