Lawyer Li’s August 6th Visit – Debrief!

Debrief from Li’s Visit into see WU Yuren
Monday, August 6, 2010
Karen, Wen Tao, Li FangPing
Dropped off two shirts and 1000RMB for WYR

1.    Dawu has been moved from the room 107 to room 411, apparently it is a signifier about the process than about level or side of building. Means that the case has moved to prosecution stage. Numbers beginning 7,8,9 mean that the case is with the court/trial stage.
2.    Dawu is very uncomfortable, still with arm problem, but now the other cell mates have varying degrees of skin diseases and athletes foot. It is cramped and sleeping is still a problem as each mate has only 40 inches across sleeping place. Furthermore, they are all required to sit on a bench for 4-5 hours per day, back straight, and not move. As a way of controlling them and punishing/reeducating them. Dawu’s neck and shoulders are greatly affected by this, as well.
3.    Dawu wishes that Karen can visit He Chi, Peng Yu, Sun Yuan, and the manager of the Tang Ren gallery, to thank them for their support and assistance.
4.    Asked if Chen and / or I have found his ID card yet. (need to check on that)
5.    Did we receive the black address book from the police station? I think not, but need to check on that, perhaps that was confiscated.
6.    On the question on what will Wu do once released, he answered: if he has MORE than 6 months left to serve, he will leave China when he is out; if he has LESS than 6 months left to serve, he will consider remaining in China. As for Studio assistant, he can find a new job if Dawu leaves, etc. Keep car and studio as it is until we know what is the sentence, according to Dawu’s idea of 6 or 6 months.
7.    Wu Yuren would like to first go to US, then to Canada.
8.    How about that Glenbow Museum art exhibition, can Karen follow up on that?
9.    Who is my family knows about my present situation? (in fact, we forgot to remind Li to tell him that his sister knows, but not his dad. We had all forgotten that we hadn’t told Dawu yet).
10.    Mr. Chen is still to be in charge of the money, etc. Karen and Chen can discuss how to use it for what regarding Hannah, etc.
11.    As for the studio, he spent 30 000RMB on renovations, and the rent is 3000RMB/month. Dawu wants to know where the present rent is coming from? Same plan for studio as for Mr. Chen and his car.
12.    Dawu believes and understands that the incident inside the police station was a set up, he is sure of that. 6 big guys hit him, not that he hit a police officer.
13.    Dawu has not confessed at all to what has been asked of him inside the detention center.
14.    LFP guesstimates that the trial will be late September or Early October. Doesn’t really look like we can get our evidence looked at, nor our witnesses called to the court.

Li Fangping guesstimates that the trial will be at the end of September, or mid October. Looking at hopefully around 12 months sentence, of which Wu will have already served 4-5 months of it. We shall see.

Heard from a good friend in HK, that Dawu’s name is still on the prayer list for the Sunday service, at the downtown location of St. John’s Cathedral.

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