Minister of Foreign Affairs Official Response Regarding Wu Yuren

“have at last received a response from the relevant authorities who indicate that on May 31st, after a dispute with the 798 management company, Wu Yuren and Yang Licai painted abusive language on the wall of the local police workstation and the wall of the management company. Local police investigated (Chaoyang District’s Jiuxianqiao Station), Mr. Wu and Mr. Yang did not cooperate, and insulted, threatened and bullied police. Mr. Wu cursed, pulled and grabbed at police videotaping to obtain evidence. His action resulted in injury to the right hand of a police officer. Under clause 277 of China’s criminal law, the local public security bureau made a criminal detention of Mr. Wu suspected of the crime of endangering public affairs, and a request to arrest was made on June 25. On July 2 the Beijing municipality Chaoyang District Procuratorate approved the arrest. “

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3 thoughts on “Minister of Foreign Affairs Official Response Regarding Wu Yuren

  1. Hello Karen:

    My brother Ed and his wife Margie in Newfoundland heard your interview on the CBC Friday, October 22. We were not aware of this situation until now. I see from comments in your blog that you would like letters of support sent to government officials which we will do. Please reply with advice on content. If you think it would do some good we will send letters to some of our MP’s, Harper, etc. making sure they know that we expect support from our own government officials. If there is anything that I may be able to help with from Edmonton, just let me know.

    Warmest regards,
    Richard Kayler


    1. Hi Richard,

      Yes, this is me. Weird, but thanks for your support and for listening to the radio program. If you missed it, you can click on the link. Have you spoken to my mom lately? She is doing ok, a bit stressed out about all of this, however.

      Talk soon. Are you on facebook? I also have a page on fb with the same title.


    2. let me send you some information from amnesty international, but you can also read the rest of the letters from the blog, and that is like a template if you still want to help. I note your private email.

      Thanks. Call my mom if you have time.



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