August 4, 2010 – quiet reflection in my studio

Ah, this situation is one which I truly wish would go away, but with a positive outcome of course! I am tired and exhausted ‘working’ at this every day … have been pretty much for the past 2 months. What to do, you ask? Well, it is a full time ‘job’, everyday I wake up and have a list of ‘things’ to do – anything from create this blog site, meet with a journalist for an interview, meet with our lawyer, have a team meeting, contact someone over seas who can some how ‘help’, update hundreds of friends and family (hence the blog and facebook pages!), and try and be a calm and normal mom to our 5 year old daughter. What does she think of all this? She is frustrated, like me, but expresses it in a different way – melt downs, which inevitably turn to tears, and then to when can she see her baba again … unfortunately, at this moment, I do not have the right answer to that question. I don’t know. Nor does our lawyer. I understand that after sentencing, I will be able to see Dawu once a month, so I guess that is when, but when will the trial be exactly and when the sentence be handed down exactly? Not sure. Also, have to consider appeal, as the sentence begins AFTER the appeal(s) have been made. Urgh, so much to think about.

What did I do today?

1. Spoke long distance with John Kamm, from Duihua Organization, in SF about the process and what my next steps are;

2. Set up a facebook page all about Wu Yuren’s incarceration;

3. Set up this WordPress blog all about Wu Yuren’s incarceration.

Published by kpauthor2020

Author. Real Estate professional. Mom. Theatre goer. Chihuahua owner. Asker of hard questions. Art and photography enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “August 4, 2010 – quiet reflection in my studio

  1. Sounds like great progress!

    And beautiful art photo !

    We can probably learn something from kids. When pain turns to sadness, we can get rid of it easier and carry on.


    1. Thanks Patrick, i wasn’t able to fix the links, but maybe one day i will really learn how to blog … i see you are also following on facebook. the trial could be this week.

      What sort of studio do you operate in Montreal?

      Thanks for your support.



  2. I know it’s not easy, have struggled with wordpress myself. For links, you basically select any word you want to turn into a link and click the link command and then enter the address. Or just click the command directly.

    Maybe you can share the reigns of your blog with a trusted geek for techie manipulations?

    My studio is a solo one at this time, but am happy to be editing again.

    Good vibes for the trial!



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